The Invitation

I arrived home from Moscow on Saturday August 25th. I was sad to leave Moscow but so happy to be home and even more happier to see my mommy. Yes I call my mother “mommy” ..don’t judge lol. Anyway I had so much to tell and show my mommy. I spent the rest of the weekend with her and sleeping.

Monday morning came around and I couldn’t wait to go back to my ballet school Manhattan Youth Ballet here in NYC. I was so happy to see my dance friends and happy to be back in Mrs. Marina Stavitskaya’s ballet class. She is one of my amazing ballet teachers here in NYC. She is very special to me because she has been so supportive of me since I first started dancing at MYB. While I was at Manhattan Youth Ballet my mom called me and told me to read the email see had just forwarded to me. While she was on the phone I read the email and instantly started crying. It was an invitation to return to Moscow and train full time with the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy. I knew that they might invite some of us back but honestly didn’t think I would get an invite. I was so happy inside. This was like a dream come true for me!!!!!!

That night when I went home my mom said  something like “Nicole don’t get your hopes up about going because it is very expensive.” We had to figure out how to come up with the money to attend the academy and thats when we started to research how to raise money. Even if I couldn’t go I was so honored to be invited.


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