Twitter and my angel Questlove

After the anonymous donations started coming in I had also started receiving twitter notifications. People are following me on twitter? Really? Me?

I went on twitter and not only did I have new followers but I also had someone tweeting my Go Fund Me story. His name was Questo to the Roots aka Questlove. I was like omg this random guy is so sweet! I didn’t know who he was then but I do now. After some online research I learned that he was involved in the music business. He is the drummer for the band The Roots, which is the house band on the Jimmie Fallen Show, amongst other things. I am not going to lie and say I knew this because I really didn’t. I honestly go to bed early most nights so I didn’t recognize his name or the band name. If you are a young dancer you know that most of the time your in dance class when you are not in school and you are not always up to date on who’s hot and what not.  Anyway Mr. Questlove love tweeted my story and from his tweet other s retweeted my story. It was amazing. I was shocked and speechless and so grateful. This man who doesn’t even know me tweeted about me and now my story is out there and others are sharing. It was so sweet! He is like an Angel!

Shortly after that Mr. Questlove tweeted to the Huffington Post who then tweeted to me asking me to contact them because they wanted to run a story. Next thing I know my story, with a excerpt of me dancing was on the Huffington Post site.  I was like is this really happening!?!?!

Questlove’s Latest Project Is Nicole Zadra, A Ballet Dancer With Bolshoi Academy Dream

A link to the article is here:

Again I was so grateful, happy, and thankful! It also becoming very nervous and overwhelmed. If you know me you know I am VERY shy. This was all so exciting but overwhelming for me. How can I ever thank Questlove enough.I really don’t know. The only thing I can do now is tell him how thankful I am and promise to work hard and do my best to make his efforts worth it. I am going to try my best and work hard to make everyone proud. I hope everyone knows that. I feel truly blessed


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