Sorry for the delay in blogging! Here is a little about my classes at the Bolshoi Academy:

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry for not blogging sooner. Life has been hectic not to mention a big adjustment for me. Let me tell you a little about my classes:

I’m in Course Two A, which is a Russian course. My class consists of all Russian students except for me and two other American students. It is really hard to explain the system of the courses so I will connect a link explaining each course which may help:

My primary ballet teacher is Irina Sirova. Ms. Sirova was a soloist of the Perm Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. She is an amazing teacher and she really works on perfecting our technique. She is also my teacher for rep class. In repertoire class I’m doing the variation from Le Corsaire. The scene is Le jardin animé. I performed this before however I am now working on the Bolshoi version which is a little bit harder than what I have performed last year with Manhattan Youth Ballet.

After having my first rep class I realized how they work here. They just play music and you are expected to know the variation. If not then have you learn the variation by yourself. I showed her the variation from Le jardin amine and she said I was wrong and had to learn the Bolshoi version. So that night I taught myself the variation from watching you tube. Next day in class when I showed her I realized I learned the Marinsky version :/ but she was okay with that and I have been practicing this one variation the whole time I have been here. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little upset with this process and disappointed in myself.

My Character teacher is Tatiana Petrova. I had Ms. Petrova as my rep teacher over the summer so I was so happy when I learned that she was my character teacher. She is really tough and character is actually really hard but fun!!! We learn different dances from Spanish to folk and historical dance.

My Pas teacher is Ilya Ryzhakov. He was also my teacher in the summer so I already knew how he taught and I knew he liked me. We are doing a lot of lifts and things which I have never done in partnering so it is very interesting and a challenge for me. I love the class though. My partner is Michael Mengden, another American student here.

My modern class, which honestly is more like jazz here, is very fun. We actually have an exam in 2 weeks…YIKES! Apparently anybody can come and watch the exams here and so many teachers come and watch. They score us to see if we pass or fail. We have to get a good score to move on to the next level. Cross your fingers for me!

So I have made some really nice friends from all over the world. The international students come from locations including England, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Greece, and Japan, etc… I haven’t really ventured out much except for to go to the coffee shop and Billa which is the local grocery store.

Probably the scariest thing that I have been involved in happened today. So I’m at Starbucks with my friends Shan, Rose, Michael, and Georgi. Shan, Rose and Georgi went outside for a bit. Shan left her iphone on the table and I left my mac and blackberry and I went up to get a drink. Michael was sitting the other way facing away from the phone. I man came up to Michael asking something in Russian while that was happening another man grabbed Shan’s phone and ran out of Starbucks. The guy talking to Michael also ran out after him. Shan came back in and realized her phone was gone and we tried looking for it but then we put two and two together and realized these Russian guys scammed Michael. We learned a big lesson! New rule keep your electronics with you at all times in Russia!!

Well I will try to write more soon! Again I want to thank everyone who is supporting me here. I am trying to work hard and do my best. More to come…



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