My weekend in Moscow


Me in front of the Bolshoi Theatre

Hey everyone! Sorry again for not updating my blog. I promise I will start writing in it as much as I can so that you all can have an idea of what I actually do here.

I have 10 days till I go home!!! I fly back on Dec 22nd. I am glad to have one of my best friends here, Sara, who lives in Delaware to fly back to NY with. We still haven’t figured out how we are going to get to the airport but whatever we will figure it out somehow. I’m so excited! I really miss my mom and my friends 🙂

My Weekeknds:


Bolshoi Theatre

This past weekend was very nice. On Friday I only had ballet class for an hour and 45 mins. It was a good class. It ended around 2:30 so after I went with two of my girlfriends out for a girls night. We went to Red Square to do some Christmas shopping at ГУМ which is a huge shopping mall here and everything in this mall is way overpriced. It was very cold out but so beautiful. They had an ice-skating rink right in the center of the Square and ГУМ was decorated all Christmas like. I bought a nice new bag as which is an early Christmas present form my mom. I am in love with it. After our shopping excursion we went out to dinner at Древний Китай. a Chinease restaurant near Red Square. We got dumplings and fried rice (I know not that healthy for a ballerina but we really missed Chinese food) One of my friends though got really nauseas and couldn’t eat. I felt so bad so we sat in the restaurant for about an hr and half and we said why don’t we got to Cinnabun. Hoping our friend might feel better if we get some air and such so we did and when we went outside it was snowing and it was just so gorgeous out and I was soo happy. After that we ended up going to another mall called Цум. Its located right next to the Bolshoi Theatre. It was amazing! The type of stores  there were Prada, Channel, DKNY, Armani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and showrooms for Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati type cars. It’s so cool how someone can buy a Bentley and then go next door for a suit from Zegna or heals by Jimmy Choo. It reminds me of Bloomingdales in the city. We felt like we had to walk like we all had money because the people in the store were so glamorous with their high heels and there fur coats. Not going to lie, I so want a fur coat! lol. For the rest of the night we walked around the Bolshoi Theater area and then came back to the academy to have some nice tea and relax. Overall it was a very nice girl’s night out without drama. I cannot  wait to do it again.

Saturday was the usual. I had ballet and rep from 11- to 230. I usually have partnering after but for some reason we didn’t have it. I feel like I never really know what’s going on here. One because I can’t speak Russian that well and two know else even knows. So I just follow what my class does. But that night I went out with a few people to Fridays for a nice meal and yes I said TGIF. In Russia the service tends to be a little slow so we had to wait awhile to be seated but the food was soo good I was stuffed after one bite. I really am starting to enjoy the food here. I think I will also start a food blog on tumblr maybe…. If you would like to see what type of Russian food I eat just comment and say yes or no to the food blog.

Sunday I woke up at 9 and finally went to breakfast. (I never wake up for breakfast) And after breakfast Sara, Michael, 2 of my close friends and I went down to the second floor to do an intense workout. We ran a full mile and did crunches and all that type stuff. We then wanted to take a ballet class so we had to ask one of the 3rd course boys to got a key for us because if you’re not in the highest course u cannot rent a studio or something like that. I don’t really know the exact details. Like I said I never really know anything lol. We got to practice our variations and just practice moves that we have trouble with and of course we did some compy type moves just for fun :). It was nice to have a huge studio for just us three. Afterword’s Sara and I went out to Arbat Street to buy some more Christmas presents. We ran into my two roommates Heloise and Cary. So we all shopped and bought presents for our family and friends. It’s very hard to buy stuff when you have very little money but I managed.  Moscow

Overall I would say I had a nice fun weekend with my friends. Next weekend will be my last so we are planning on getting a huge group of people together and just go out celebrate Christmas.

A group of us are doing a “secret Santa” and for my first gift last week I received a sign that says USA and a box of Russian tampons lol Its for nose bleeds. It was quite funny. I figured out who I have and I’m pretty sure everyone else knows who they have. I have my secret Santa a shot glass but you won’t understand that because it’s an inside joke.

I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas, buying their gifts, making treats and getting ready for a break from work and school! woohoo 🙂

Exams next week, cross your fingers for me! Xoxo Nicole


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