April, Easter and Exams

Well it’s April already and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. It is still very cold here even though Spring began March 1st. The sun is shining more which is nice.

The 3rd course graduating class had their acting exams recently. As I mentioned before my class assisted with Ksusha’s final acting exam. She acted out the Mad Scene from Giselle. She did an excellent job. To be a part of her exam, to be on stage with my class during her scene and for the finale was a great experience. I now have a good idea as to what will be expected of me next year should I be fortunate enough to return to the Academy to complete my studies.

Here is a video created by Ilya Kuznetsov which is of the 3rd course acting exam. I encourage you to watch it not only because you can see a glimpse of me but also so that you can the talent that the Bolshoi Ballet Academy produces. It is truly a privilege to study here and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

To see more videos created by Ilya Kuznetsov please visit http://vimeo.com/ilyaballet


Cathedral in Moscow

Easter in Moscow was an adventure. A couple of friends and I woke up early, went to the store and bought eggs to color for Easter. We went to church at noon thinking it was an English speaking Mass but it ended up being in Albanian Mass. It was really different from what I see in church back home. It was still a beautiful mass. We left half way through the mass because we felt out of place since it wasn’t our language or religion which we practice. After that we were went to Burger King for lunch (yea I know very fatty) but we didn’t have enough money so we needed to go someplace cheap. Then we walked to the Moscow Zoo and took some pictures. Unfortunately our day came to a stop when my friend Shans phone was stolen (for the 2nd time). She was pick pocketed by some sketchy guy! I felt so bad because it was the second time her iPhone was stolen. Well after that we went to the American Embassy. At first we couldn’t find it. I knew where it was but no one wanted to listen to me because usually I’m wrong with directions. This time I was 100% sure I was right. We asked around and a nice couple walked us all the way to the embassy. It was exactly where I said it was so of course I could not let that go lol. Anyway, it ended up being closed, so we just went back to the academy and colored eggs. Overall it was an interesting and nice Easter.

Finally my class is now preparing for our ballet exams. The duet exam will take place on May 27th and our character exam is on May 17th. We still did not get a date for our classical ballet exam but it should be around the same time as the other exams. Speaking of exams today most classes were cancelled because graduating 3rd course A and B girls and course 3A boys had their exams on stage. The girls all did a very nice job. They danced beautifully. The 3A boys were amazing. There were a few errors but they danced with artistry and looked look manly and strong. I am so happy that I was able to watch the exams today. Next year I will be in 3A and performing on stage like them so it was good to see what I will be a part of and to know what to expect! It was also very inspiring. I have a renewed motivation to continue to work hard and focus solely on my future. I am very excited and thankful to be part of this school and its legacy of training the best dancers. I only pray now that I will be able to raise the money needed in time to return to the academy in the fall 2013 and complete my traineeship.


Easter with my Bolshoi family ❤

Well until next time…
Love from Russia,


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