Ebony.com Interview

Hi Everyone,

Last week was another exciting week for me. On 9/22 I was interviewed by writer Natelege Whaley for Ebony.com magazine. The interview process is always so scary for me. I always get so nervous when being interviewed. I probably said “um” and “like” a thousand times! I am getting a little better at being interviewed I think, plus this time the writer Miss Whaley was younger and so sweet which made the interview easier for me.

On September 27th Ebony.com featured the interview. It was so awesome. I was on the front page of the website! Literally on the top of the page was PRINCE and then when you scrolled down there I was! It was amazing! Ebony.com used 3 pictures of me also which surprised me. The story was written perfectly. I am so thankful to Miss Whaley for writing the piece. The link to the article is below.

check out Miss Whaley’s blog at http://natelegewhaley.com/






Twitter and my angel Questlove

After the anonymous donations started coming in I had also started receiving twitter notifications. People are following me on twitter? Really? Me? I went on twitter and not only did I have new followers but I also had someone tweeting my Go Fund Me story. His name was Questo to the Roots aka Questlove. I… Continue reading Twitter and my angel Questlove

Time to Raise Money – Go Fund Me

Now that I was invited to the Bolshoi I had to figure out how to raise money to attend. The tuition alone is about $1600. USD a month. That doesn’t include medical insurance, pointe shoes costs, air fare, etc…  My mom is a single mom. My father has not been part of my life physically… Continue reading Time to Raise Money – Go Fund Me

Bolshoi Summer NYC and Russia – Summer 2012

Hi Everyone! So as this is my first blog post I guess I will begin with telling you about my summer. I had the most amazing summer. This past winter I auditioned for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy NYC Summer Intensive and was accepted with a merit scholarship which was I was so happy about because