Performing in NYC “Les danseuses de Pigalle”

This Sunday December 13 I will be performing with the Premier Division of NYC in “Les danseuses de Pigalle” at the theater at New York Live Arts in New York City. I am very nervous given this is the first time I am performing live since leaving Hong Kong. In December there are numerous Nutcracker performances all around the New York area so it is refreshing to be part of something different this holiday season and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good crime story. “Les danseuses de Pigalle” is a contemporary ballet with live, classically trained musicians. The biographies of the musicians include training at the prestigious Juilliard School and performances in venues such as Carnegie Hall and Avery Fischer Hall. The musicians, whom we are lucky to work with, have performed with highly regarded groups such as the NY Philharmonic, Houston Grand Opera, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and more. It really is a treat for all dance and music lovers alike.

Contemporary Ballet incorporates both classical ballet and modern dance. I have only performed in a few contemporary pieces so performing in this ballet has helped me to learn how to move a little bit differently and to use my body more loosely, as opposed to classical ballet, where the movement is more rigid and the focus is on exact technique. It has been a great learning experience. I have enjoyed the rehearsal process and the new friendships I have formed from working with Nadege Hottier and the amazing dancers of Premiere Division.

Here is a teaser by Krista Stark. We are in rehearsals for the show…

“Les danseuses de Pigalle” is a ballet inside a crime scene… It is an original story created and staged by Nadege Hottier. Inspired by the tradition of French detective stories, Mrs Hottier brings to life a scene of suspense and drama. This ballet production is a creative effort and collaboration between New York City composer Jake Landau, live musicians and Premiere Division dancers.

Choreography: Nadege Hottier.

Music composition: Jake Landau.

Electroacoustic performers: Maurice Marion and Jake Landau.

Soprano: Anneliese Klenetsky     /     Cello: Danielle Merlis

Sunday Dec 13, 2015 at 5pm & 8pm / Venue: The Theater at New York Live (219 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011)

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 Premiere Division

Founded by Nadege Hottier, former soloist with Berlin Opera, Premiere Division brings classical ballet traditions to a contemporary setting. Drawing inspiration from current artists and timeless works by classical masters, this elite young group welcomes you to enjoy original ballet creations.

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