Exams at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and My Future Plans!

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the delay in blogging. My last few months at the Academy flew by. I was auditioning for work while preparing for final exams. This past April I took all my exams (acting, classical ballet, duet, and character) and passed them all 🙂 I am now a Bolshoi Ballet Academy… Continue reading Exams at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and My Future Plans!

Audition, Performance & Exam Update

Hello everyone hope all are well. For the past three weeks I have been getting ready for company Auditions. Two weeks ago I traveled to Amsterdam where I auditioned for the Het National Ballet (Dutch National Ballet). I am not a very good at traveling alone because I always seem to get lost and I… Continue reading Audition, Performance & Exam Update

Fresh Start 2014! Audition Season is here!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I am back at the Bolshoi Academy after a nice 3 week break. I was originally going to stay in Russia at the Academy for the entire holiday break because it was too expensive to travel back to NY and I have to save… Continue reading Fresh Start 2014! Audition Season is here!!!!

My Accident and Advice to Summer Intensive Students

So I want to apologize first to those of you who are followers of my GoFundMe page. I wanted to blog more frequently as I stated in my last post on GoFundMe but right after my last post I had a bad accident. Early last week it was just another day here in Moscow at… Continue reading My Accident and Advice to Summer Intensive Students

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April, Easter and Exams

Well it’s April already and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. It is still very cold here even though Spring began March 1st. The sun is shining more which is nice. The 3rd course graduating class had their acting exams recently. As I mentioned before my class assisted with Ksusha’s final acting… Continue reading April, Easter and Exams

March at the Academy

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe it is already March. Time is flying by here at the Academy! For the past few months I have really been focusing on myself and trying to perfect my technique and pointe work. My goal is to become stronger on pointe. This semester is more intense. I am really enjoying